Type: Red, dry
Category: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Naoussa
Variety: Xinomavro
Producer: Boutari Company
Winery: Boutari Naoussa Winery
Region: Naoussa


Naoussa Boutari is one of the first Greek red bottled PDO wines to enter the Greek market, constituting a landmark for red wines in Greece. For 5 generations, it has been enjoyed by consumers, introducing young people to the experience of red wine and rewarding its loyal friends with its consistent, timeless quality.


Cold soak for 24 hours, “bleeding out” of rose depending on year, controlled alcoholic fermentation with selected yeast strain at 20-27C, soft maceration with intense turnovers before onset of fermentation, malolactic fermentation, French oak barrels for 12 months.


In French oak barrels for 12 months (Allier, Nevers 400 lt). 


Typical, classic wine of Naoussa. Deep red colour with bright hues and an intense personality. It produces a rich bouquet of ripe red fruit, raspberry, sun dried tomato and plum, coexisting with the aromas of cinnamon, pepper, black olives and wood. A rich body, good balance and structure, in the mouth it is soft, without bitterness or harsh tannins.

Xinomavro (also often spelled Xynomavro) is a red-wine grape originating in Greece, more particularly in northwestern Greece, in the Imathia region of Macedonia, in what are now the monovarietal appellations of Naoussa and Amynteo; Naoussa is often regarded the best source. Xinomavro is generally considered one of the dozen and a half or so of world-class red-wine grapes (those in boldface in the varietals list to the left of the page). Xinomavro is not a wine of our times (in any sense). It is a tricky devil in the vineyard: if the vineyardist lets it go, hoping to obtain quantity, quality takes a nosedive, and thin, acidic plonk results; but neither can it be made into the sort of huge Parkerized, internationalized, Shiraz-like red that is so popular today. It can only, made with care and skill, be itself, a red more like Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo in that it trades on delicacy and requires some nontrivial bottle age to get to where it should be.
Naoussa grande reserve Xinomavro Boutari Cinque wine bar Athens - Agiorgitiko

The History of Greek red wine begins…at the Boutari Winery in Naoussa!

A guided tour in the production area, the historical cellar of the Winery and a unique multimedia show, are the best introduction to the history and philosophy of the Boutari company. The history of the company began there, 130 years ago, promoting Greek wine in Greece and abroad, while it has played a leading role in the development of the Greek winemaking ever since.

This is where the wine-vaults are located, an innovative service for consumers store and maintain wines in perfect condition in a personal vault at the Boutari winery; we can also find old vintages (the oldest Greek red wines in the country) and one of the largest cellars of aged wines with over 3,000 barrels.

Enjoy it from home!

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