Greek Black Olives (Kalamon) ~300gr

Cinque Selections invites you on a journey of taste, featuring Greek delicacies from local, small producers. Discover the essence of tradition in every meticulously chosen product.

This is our selection of black Greek olives of the Kalamon variety.

Embark on a sensory journey with Kalamon olives, the culinary jewels originating from the sun-soaked Kalamata region in the Peloponnese. Adorned with an enticing almond shape and a captivating black-violet hue, these olives promise a delightful symphony of flavors—richness, a hint of sweetness, and a satisfyingly firm texture. Meticulously processed through natural fermentation and thoughtfully packed in brine, red vinegar, and olive oil, each olive is a testament to Greek gastronomic excellence. Hand-picked for peak ripeness, Kalamon olives invite you to indulge in the unique taste of the Peloponnesian countryside.

Plastic vacuum container of ~300gr.


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