SAMOS NECTAR (Bottle 500ml)

Type: White, Natural Sweet
Category:  Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Samos
Variety: 100% Muscat of Samos
Region: Aegean, Samos
Producer: UWC of Samos


Nectar is perhaps the most historic wine of the Union and a wine which many have imitated, but no one has succeeded in reproducing! Its color is deep amber, with beautiful orange highlights. Aromas of evolution (aging) prevail in the nose, with raisins and old waxed furniture in the foreground. In the mouth holds an unexpected freshness, which can guarantee him a leading role at the table. In combination with the noble aromas of Walnut, a harmonious and powerful ensemble is composed, with a particularly long aftertaste reminiscent of aromas of tobacco, frankincense and marzipan. It is a wine made of overripe, sun-dried grape, aged for three years in oak barrels. It can comfortably accompany exuberant sweet and sour foods (e.g. wild boar with quince, duck with orange, etc.) and of course, desserts, such as baklava and walnut pie.


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