Type:  White, Dry
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Attica
Varieties: 100% Savvatiano
Producer: Anastasia Fragou Winery
Region: Vineyard of Spata, location Voulia, single vineyard Attica

Retsina Old Vines

Where does it come from?

Pre-fermentation maceration (cold soak) in controlled environment, alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures.

Greenish yellow colour with bright greenish highlights. Abundant aromas with refinement that point to lemon blossom, lychee, mango and lime. Refreshing taste with the acidity offering zest and a broadness of taste. On the palate dominate the floral aromas with persistent hints of mint and lime.

The variety...

Retsina (“Re – tsee -nah”) is the best known traditional Greek wine. Its reputation was not always positive, where it had long overshadowed other distinguished Greek wines and appellations.
According to archaeological finds and countless written articles, regarding its production and consumption, Retsina, or “retinitis oenos” as it was called in antiquity, has been steadily produced for thousands of years.

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The winery...

From the first moment of its operation, Anastasia’s Fragou winery focuses on the cultivation and promotion of Savatiano, the historical white variety of Mesogaia, that through the beauty of its taste nurtured and raised many generations and of course the owners themselves, Anastasia Fragou and her husband Dionysis Fragou.

Anastasia’s Fragou winery was established in 1986 by Constantine Frangos in Mesogaia, the most important region of Attica considering the vine, a region with a manifold winemaking history that is lost in the times of Ancient Greece.

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