Type:  White, Dry
Category: Varietal Wine
Varieties: 100% Serifiotiko
Producer: Ousyra Winery
Region: Syros, Cyclades, Southern Aegean


Where does it come from?

This wine showcases the unique and rare variety of Serifiotiko, meaning «from Serifos». This grape variety is exceptionally rare and the winemaking and growing on inhospitable, sandy soil close to the sea is challenging, resulting in impressive clarity of fruit, salinity, and refreshing acidity.

It presents an austere, muted bouquet, lacking distinct fruity character but impressively powerful and bone dry. Pale lemon color with greenish hues. Despite no oak aging, it maintains a balanced, smooth, almost buttery texture. The nose is subtle, with aromas of lemon, grapefruit, peach, green apple, and quince, accompanied by mineral undertones. On the palate, it exhibits a medium body and refreshing acidity, with flavors of juicy melon, white-fleshed peach, orange, banana, lemon, and savory mineral notes. Delightful lemony aftertaste that lingers.

The variety...

Serifiotiko is an extremely rare indigenous Greek grape, so tasting a Serifiotiko wine is a truly exciting prospect for curious oenophiles. The grape comes from the island of Serifos, hence its name, Serifiotiko. Despite its pinkish skin, this variety is used to make white wines. Nowadays plantings of Serifiotiko are scattered across several Cycladic islands, however only a few winemakers make varietal wines of this grape.

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The winery...

The Ousyra Winery is a family run winery on the Greek island of Syros, creating terroir-driven wines from rare indigenous Cycladic varieties.

The special name of the winery means happiness and reflects the happiness of the couple, behind the winery, who met and fell in love at Syros island. Edward left Scotland and stayed forever on the beautiful island of Cyclades, Syros. Dedicated himself to the emergence of the terroir of Syros and the Cycladic rare grape varieties.

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