Thivaiki Gi (Theban Land and pronounced “Thi – vae – ki ghi”) has been active in the field of vineyards and bottled wine since 2004. On the slopes of Sfinga Mountain, just a few kilometres away from Thebes, right outside Vagia village, the exceptionally spruce vineyard, ensures grapes of excellent quality for the wines of Thivaiki Gi. Passion for perfection are the keys for the production in this small but modern winery. Consequently, popular wines of a wide range have been created.

The wine-making equipment respects raw materials, and thus with the vinification we always denote the distinctive characteristics, the aroma while balancing of flavour of the grape.

The grape pulp is fermented in small, stainless, cooling tanks so that the freshness of the grape remains intact in the wine.

After the end of the fermentation, some wines mature in oak-wood barrels, ensuring the improvement of aromas and quality of flavours, which peaks after maturing in bottles. Our constant effort is to produce genuine and of high-quality wines.

The vineyard is located in Paliampelo area, at the foot of Sfinga Mountain, and it covers an area of 120.000 square meters, while there is always the perspective for its extension.

The cosmopolitan varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano coexist in full harmony with the Greek ones, such as Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Savvatiano.

The linear planting, the bilateral arrangement of the plants and the careful cultivation ensure the perfect grape quality for the wines of Thivaiki Gi.

They firmly believe that the character of a wine is born in the vineyard, and bears the “seal” of the ground in which the plant is rooted as well as of the characteristics of each variety.

The cultivation techniques that are applied in combination with the exceptional climate conditions of the area, lead the grapes to its natural maturity.

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