When in Athens, visit Evangelie and Greg at Cinque Wine Bar

This might be overkill as Sharon just presented a wonderful post on Cinque Wine Bar and the wonderful and generous owners Greg Prassas and Evangelie Tseliou.

 But I was so impressed with these wonderful folks, and the welcoming space that they have created, that I wanted to personally, and publicly, laud their effort.

As I wrote in my discussion of Fabrica, Brandon and I had enjoyed a wonderful evening of wine and music there. What I neglected to mention was that we had been joined by Lidia and Sharon. During the course of the evening Sharon mentioned that she had received a Facebook invite to visit a Cinque Wine Bar while in town for the ‪#‎winelover‬ festivities. After some discussion we decided that we would go have lunch there on the following day.

Sharon had gone to breakfast the following morning where she was able to commit Brandon and Lidia to joining us. We took a taxi while Brandon and Lidia left early and meandered to the bar on foot. Our taxi could not get close to the bar due to traffic so he dropped us offa be pointed in a general direction. The bar was over there, he said, and just a few steps away. Needless to say, that was not the case. After walking about a bit I pulled out my Waze app and followed its direction to the bar. Brandon and Lidia were already there. And drinking.

We were welcomed enthusiastically by Evangelie wig hugs and kisses. Greg was behind the bar and was a little more reserved. Glasses were placed into our hands very quickly and wines poured. That was the beginning of what would turn out to be a wonderful afternoon of wine, food, and friendship. Greg is a sommelier and he revels (and excels) in matching food and wine.

He prepared small plate after small plate and paired it with complementary wines. All along Evangelie regaled us with stories re their history, their son, and their hometown. (We found out, for example, that Greg likes Flamenco dancing.).
This was a great afternoon and one that I look forward to experiencing again sometime in he future.

When in Athens, visit Evangelie and Greg at Cinque Wine Bar.
Keith Edwards


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