Wine Is My Valentine!​

Red roses, Teddy bears, romantic music everywhere, chocolates and wine…

Smells like Valentine’s day. The celebration of love. And let’s make clear that people in love can be single. So celebrate it as well.

The time to solve a major dilemma about this day has come. So you found the place, you set a time, it’s a date! With your partner in crime or with yourself! As usual after dinner you have some heart shaped chocolates with some more wine…

Oh wait, the wine!!! It has to be perfect for any occasion, for every one and anything you have for dinner!!! Here are some ideas to reach perfection!

Most common in such occasions are sparkling wines, white or rose, for you to have special moments at this day. There are plenty kinds of sweetness or even dryness accompanied by a date or dinner.

If you want to make it the big date and ask the big question, have in mind that champagnes have been one of the most popular choices in proposals. Great choice is a rose champagne as the pink color and the fruit flavor make the moment ideal for the big yes! All you need to do is to choose what suits you between plenty kinds of wines!

Feel free to express your preferences and enjoy Valentine’s da

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