Anhydrous Santorini


It all began in the earlies of 2000.

Avantis Estate’s winemaker, Mr. Apostolos Mountrichas fell in love with Santorini and the strong personality of Assyrtiko, realising the potential of Assyrtiko, he started his Santorini project in 2012. He completed his project in 2021 by founding Anhydrous Winery. His philosophy relies on experimentations in ancient wine making techniques that produce modern wines with purity and primary varietal characteristics. Wines that reflect the connection to the Santorinian anhydrous land, the majesty of the island, the volcano, the sun, the sea breeze, the Cycladic air – the intense personality of this unique PDO land. High quality wines sealed with raw beauty of Santorini. These are the Anhydrous wines.


The Winery is located in Exo Gonia village. It is exclusively their wine production area. The visiting area of the winery – the Anhydrous Cellar Door – is located in Fira within a 10-minute walk. It opens from April to October for guided tours, tastings, lunch in the restaurant and cooking lessons.


Sandy composition – a mixture of terrestrial land, lava and pumice, of volcanic composition. It has an age of 3600 years.


Mediterranean climate with strong summer Aegean winds, the Meltemia, and low rainfall. The vines are ‘irrigated’ by the atmospheric humidity of caldera’s sea mists.


Assyrtiko produces volcanic wines with high acidity, purity, minerality, with a rich character and long ageing potential. Other indigenous grapes are Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano.


Our wine tourism is included in the “must do” list of Santorini.

Based on the authentic Greek hospitality, with our team’s cordial generosity and friendliness, we welcome all the Winelovers into a different wine-tourism model, dedicated to wine culture. The old roofless cinema of Fira was transformed in 2009 into our quiet Cycladic courtyard. In that area, between the large oak and concrete oval tanks, the guiding tours, the lunch, and the cooking courses takes place.

In the Afoura cellar (“Afoura” refers to a large oak Santorini barrel), the visitor unfolds the Santorini tradition, along with the clay maturation amphorae. Anhydrous Cellar Door offers wine tastings with our “kalosorisma” dip (small welcome complimentary appetizer), or in a combination with Greek meze appetizers, cooking coursesprivate wine tastings or private meals. Anhydrous Cellar Door is located on the southern part of Fira just a 10minute walk from the centre of Fira.


From vine to wine… from wine to wellness…

2019 – today

The first time where the bond of wine – wellness is so strong.

In our yard, a place of relaxation and wellness is been devoted, where the therapist offers the Oenotherapy Lenga face, and body grape ritual.

Lenga Grigoriadou is a wine lady. She has been married with the winemaker, Apostolos Mountrichas. One of her greatest achievements was her innovation in 2009, where she combined the antioxidant power of the two-family wineries in Mainland Greece (Avantis Estate) and in Santorini (Anhydrous Winery) wines by-products to wellness. Thus, she created the first wine & grape Greek cosmetics that embrace skin with green active ingredients, luxurious textures and grapey aromas, inspired by the wines of the two wineries. In the wellness area into the Cellar Door (since 2019), our therapist offers an amazing grape therapy ritual. Indulge yourself, become one with the deep blue Cycladic sky, the blue of the Aegean and the green landscape of the Santorini vineyards. Elevate your mind and body, relax your senses, smell a glass of Assyrtiko and let the touch of the Santorini vineyard overwhelm you.


Avantis Cellar Door

Fira Kontochori, 84700 Santorini

00 30 2286023140

Guided Tours: 11:00-21:00 | Restaurant: 13:00-22:00

Cellar Door will be closed from the end of October until the beginning of the Spring. For any questions, please contact at 0030 22210 55350 (9am-5pm).

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