Cinque Wine & Deli Is Getting Ready For Easter!

Cinque Wine & Deli is getting ready for the Easter holidays
and is ready to offer its audience unique Cinque experiences
as only Cinque knows!​

Always ahead of its time, Cinque Wine & Deli warms the mood for a dynamic festive season. The new specialized and adapted fasting menu is for those whose fasting but also for vegans and vegetarian wine lovers who wish to taste their favorite fine-quality wines with unique and delicious platters of vegan cheeses and handmade chutneys.

So, with Easter just around the corner, Cinque has ensured that its customers give their loved ones, partners, and themselves the best gifts during the festive season. In the three shops, consumers can find unique baskets and gift boxes consisting of well-known and not-so-excellent wines combined with unique delicacies, such as homemade chutneys, Greek virgin oil, pasteli, etc.

Cinque Wine & Deli, both with the tasting experiences it offers to the public with the variety of its product mix, manages to reach most of the public and meet all their needs. The loyal Cinque community that has been created knows that this is the place where they can go to enjoy the most special wines of Greek producers and feel part of the biggest family around wine.

Constantly focusing on innovation and development, Cinque Wine & Deli uses a very well-organized system of annual activities to keep the interest of its loyal clientele and elevate the visitors’ experience of wine culture more and more every day. It is a fact that the franchisee partner who will join Cinque’s franchise system will benefit from the constantly renewed menu, the adaptations to each season and the market, as well as from the tasting activities that it organizes, maintaining the loyal clientele that chooses it for every moment and creating multiple sources of revenue and upsells.

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