Cinque Wine & Deli: The Tasting "Dressed Up" With The Most Profitable Business Proposal!​

Cinque Wine & Deli is the concept that introduces a place for
wine lovers and tasting into the franchising space,adopting an original and profitable business model.​ With a central pillar highlighting Greek bottled wines from Greek producers and vineyards, Cinque Wine & Deli offers a unique experience to guests from all around the world, every day. 

The reason is simple. It is the first place for wine lovers in Greece whose concept has been structured with care, lots of love, and research, organizing unique entertainment experiences around the fine drink. The people of Cinque Wine & Deli are there to introduce people to wine culture in an experiential and interactive way, making every moment forever etched in people’s hearts.

The Cinque Wine & Deli franchise system enables the new franchisee from the very first moment to integrate tasting activities into their business and offer the world the same unique experiences.

Cinque’s team has made sure to create an organized annual calendar that includes all the actions and excursions organized by the company and, at the same time, gives all the necessary supplies to the partner and his team to smoothly integrate the tasting experiences into his business and to make his own Cinque Wine & Deli one of the biggest and most loved wine places in Greece.

It is characteristic that the wine tastings offered by Cinque are also the company’s biggest source of revenue. Thanks to the variety it has but also to the constant evolution of the concept, Cinque achieves multiple sources of income that come mostly from wine tastings since it is the only place where visitors from all over the world can taste, smell and feel all the greatness of wine and to be introduced to its history and culture. The new franchisee only has to have the appetite and passion to become a fellow traveler on the most delicious and successful journey in the world of wine.

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