Thank you Spaswinefood For your tribute to Cinque Wine & Deli

Cinque, a #winelover’s gem in Athens.
If Athens is in your plans Cinque Wine & Deli is a must. Go ahead call me names if you think a visit to Athens is about visiting the Acropolis and doing all the typical tourist stuff.

For this Spaswinefood enthusiast it is not my glass of wine.

That is why I explore Athens through a different lens. Whenever I am in Athens I return to Cinque, 15 Agatharchou Street. Cinque is a place where there is always special #winelover magic in the air.

During my recent visit I was happy to discover that they are also opening at another location. Their new location Cinque Wine & Deli, 10 Voreou Street will not only offer wines but also will feature takeaway items.


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