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Top 3+1 Wine Bars in Athens – Athens Nightlife!

‘Wine is sunlight held together by water’

Galileo Gallilei was completely right when he said this. The circumstances for growing grapes are ideal in Greece: the grapes get plenty of sunshine, there is little rainfall and the soil is excellent. The ancient Greeks already produced wine thousands of years ago and haven’t stopped since. Nowadays, family and friends gather at the end of summer, to pick the grapes and produce their own wine. (And tsipouro… but that’s a different story.) If you get a chance to be part of this tradition, do not let it pass. If you miss out, you are lucky that there are so many wine bars in Athens giving you ample chance of finding out what Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, promoted so many years ago! Explore with us a different type of Athens nightlife!

As many wine-bars have opened around the city, savouring delicious wines is no longer a privilege for the rich. They also make an excellent tool for promoting Greek wines. Their names may be hard to pronounce, but don’t worry about that.

Let us tell you about the best wine bars in Athens and you will be able to pronounce all their names at the end of the night!

athes wine bars

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar 

Kerameikos is an area definitely worth a visit. It derives its name from Keramos, which has given us the word ‘ceramics’. The ancient cemetery has a fascinating history and a stroll through the site will provide you with plenty of things to see before you head for the little, cosy wine bar. Here, you will easily get in touch with the locals. If you make a reservation, the personal touch they add will surprise you and shows how much they care about their visitors. And you won’t be able to resist those platters; give in and your tummy will thank you.

These are our top 3+1 wine bars in Athens. Do you like them as much as we do? Which Greek wine did you take home?

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