Gold Winner Franchise
Business Model
Innovation 2022

The Franchise Success Awards
Franchise Gold Winner

Cinque Wine Bar was awarded gold in the FRANCHISE BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION category, recognizing its contribution to franchising, the catering industry, and the business community as a whole.

Cinque Wine Bar, in the highly competitive field of catering, managed to succeed and stand out by having a unique concept aimed either at the tourist market or at retail with products of high added value, highlighting unique elements of Greek wealth in terms of wine and oil :

  • It created an innovative product, an integrated network of services, and a  unique shopping experience.
  • Utilize technology in an innovative way in the physical store and also the e-shop.
  • Move forward with a  combined offering of products and services with a unique footprint across multiple channels and audiences.
  • It highlighted the concept of  “experience”  in the physical store as online, constantly evolving the idea as a whole.

Also, the  FRANCHISE BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION award is given to the Cinque Wine Bar franchise network, as it provides – it has an excellent training system, support infrastructure, and strategic alliances for the benefit of its partners.

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