“The process of discovery and
tasting maximizes enjoyment.”

The Cinque Wine & Deli network was selected as a GOLD WINNER Franchise Business Model Innovation at THE FRANCHISE SUCCESS AWARDS 2022, as in the highly competitive field of catering, it managed to succeed and stand out by having a unique concept aimed either at the tourist market or at retail with products of high added value.

What are the needs of the modern franchisee?​

Grigoris & Nikitas Prassas, Managing Directors of the company, spoke to FRANCHISE SUCCESS about the reasons for the award and Cinque’s business proposal.

How to?​

Cinque Wine & Deli has an innovative concept that addresses multiple audiences with multiple services. What are the main competitive advantages of the Cinque proposal?

Cinque’s main advantage over other catering businesses is that it doesn’t just cover the need for food or wine but offers a tasting experience. And since there is no equivalent proposition on the market, the Cinque product is unique.

The ever-changing economic environment has created many challenges in the catering industry. How has it affected the Cinque Wine & Deli  franchise concept and system?

Business is always a challenge every entrepreneur faces challenges, and more difficult – depending on the season. In this particular instance, Cinque Wine & Deli has not been particularly affected as the level of customers it caters to are mainly visitors, and they will choose the experience. Of course, there are revaluations where necessary.

One of the most important challenges facing the catering industry is the lack of human resources. How do you respond to this condition?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the franchisee is the person on whom Cinque’s experience and operation are based. The needed staff is more of a support role and not so difficult to find and train. As for the difficulty in finding staff Cinque does not face such a problem as the family can be part of it, and there is no need for a chef. We don’t have a kitchen. All preparations are easily done, by everyone.

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