A culinary journey in Greece

A culinary journey in Greece

City-breaking the month before submitting your dissertation is definitely not suicidal. It could be, but if you are writing a paper on the TripAdvisor impact on restaurants, you’re safe… it’s just research. And since we’re talking about TripAdvisor, let’s jump right to the subject: a culinary pampering in the sunny Greece. Although I already have a love and hate relationship with TripAdvisor, we followed some recommendations, and they were a pure delight!

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

This bar must be the absolute paradise for wine lovers (or foodies). If you have troubles choosing your wine, enjoy some sort of “flash back” wine tasting – a incursion in the Red Wines of Greece and their history. We went for rose, but it was a lovely experience. But to be honest, it was not the wine that impressed me the most, it was this purely inspired and instagramish Cheese, chutney and charcuterie platter – a blast! A taste of local products paired with homemade chutneys, wine jelly, cheese macaroons, sesame, and strawberries. A hidden gem, and a hidden gem made for sharing – as it was enough for three persons.

A culinary journey in Greece

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