Nestor Winery

The Nestor Winery S.A. is a relatively new enterprise. It was established in 2015 and is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between the Nestor Agricultural & Winemaking Cooperative of Messinia and the Spyros Lafazanis Family, owners of the Lafazanis Winery in Nemea, Corinthia. We established our company with a view to reviving the significant contribution of the historic“Messinia Agricultural & Winemaking Cooperative” to the Greek oenological scene through a new philosophy. The area’s unique winegrowing advantages and the one-of-a-kind vineyards of Messinia inspired Spyros Lafazanis in such a way as to set the bar very high when it came to the future of “Nestor”. Knowing fully well that the winemaking landscape has changed for good and that large, almost industrial, winemaking concerns have given way to selective winemaking practices, it was time for a drastic change: production at Nestor is now being monitored by a team of experienced oenologists and seasoned experts who are committed to modernizing and overhauling practices through constant experimentations and studies so as to steer Nestor into a new era of unlimited potential.

 Pyrgos Messinia – Greece, 24400
 +30 27630 41073
 +30 27630 41069
 Monday through Friday: 09:00 – 16:00
 Upon request:

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