Xinomavro is the principal red wine grape of the uplands of Naousa in the regional unit of Imathia, and around Amyntaio, in Macedonia, Greece.

Xinomavro (ksee-NOH-mah-vroh), is a red-wine grape originating in Greece, more particularly in north-western part of Greece, in the Emathia region of Macedonia, the monovarietal appellations is from Naousa and Amynteo.

 Xinomavro is generally considered one of world-class red-wine grapes (those in boldface in the varietals list to the left of the page).

Xinomavro is not a wine of our times (in any sense). It is quite a tricky grape when planted in the vineyards. If it does not receive an extra care, then the grape’s quantity, quality, and thinness, leads to acidic plonk results; but neither can it be made into the sort of huge Parkerized, internationalized, Shiraz-like red that is so popular today.

The only way to successfully harvest this grape is to take care of it, where skill and experience play a huge role in the recent future of the grape’s development.

The wine’s flavours are variously described, but almost never in red-fruit terms. Tomato, olive, and spice are the recurring descriptors. It is high-acid, and high in tannins (which is the reason it requires bottle aging). If you are interested in wines that require special care, both from the winemaker, and the wine drinker, this is the perfect wine for you to try.

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