Day: April 5, 2017


Retsina (“Re – tsee -nah”) is the best known traditional Greek wine. Its reputation was not always positive, where it had long overshadowed other distinguished Greek wines and appellations. According to archaeological finds and countless written articles, regarding its production and consumption, Retsina, or “retinitis oenos” as it was called in antiquity, has been steadily produced[…]


Anyone in pursuit of a Greek white grape variety which promises refreshment and enlivenment, offering unprecedented exoticism in a Mediterranean country, should look no further than Moschofilero (Moss-koh-FEE-leh-roh). “moscho”, the first part of its name, has the meaning of a charismatic grape, the most aromatic one of the Filéri grape family. Despite the reddish or greyish[…]

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