Type:  White, Sparkling, Brut
Category: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Mantinia
Varieties: 100% Moschofilero
Producer: Tselepos Estate
Region: Mantinia

Amalia Brut

Where does it come from?

For the production of the base wine, an early harvest takes place. The grapes, after cooling, are driven unbroken into the press. The wort is sent to stainless steel tanks, where it will be fermented at low temperatures. It follows the classic method with a second fermentation in the bottle. The second fermentation and maturation period, in the presence of the fine lees, lasts at least 9 months.

Elegant sparkling wine with a light yellow-green color and fine bubbles with intensity and resistance over time. On the nose, aromas of lemon blossoms and honey can be distinguished, with a background of scents of tsoureki and rose. In the mouth there are notes of aromas of yeast and baked toast accompanied by crisp acidity.

The variety...

Anyone in pursuit of a Greek white grape variety which promises refreshment and enlivenment, offering unprecedented exoticism in a Mediterranean country, should look no further than Moschofilero (Moss-koh-FEE-leh-roh). “moscho”, the first part of its name, has the meaning of a charismatic grape, the most aromatic one of the Filéri grape family.

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The winery...

Yiannis and Amalia Tselepos founded Ktima Tselepos in 1989. The estate is located at the southeastern end of the Mantinian plateau, at an altitude of 750 meters. The exceptional soil and climate of the region, characterized mainly by the continental climate, poor claystone soils, and excellent sun exposure, were chosen for their ability to produce high-quality wines.

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