Tourism awards greek hospitality Cinque wine bar Athens 2019

Tourism awards 2019, Silver award for the wine experience!

Tourism awards 2019, Silver award for the wine experience! One more year of hard work for all of us , one more “thanks” to all of you for appreciated our effort! Tourism awards 2019, Silver award for the wine experience! Nikitas Prassas, Oenologist and Sommelier , Cinque’s head sommelier, received the award. Previous Next Share

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tripadvisor highly recommended best place in Athens Cinque wine

TripAdvisor Ranking | Cinque Wine Bar on the Top!

TripAdvisor Ranking | Cinque Wine Bar on the Top! We remain on the top of the TripAdvisor Ranking for the third consecutive year. This is very hopeful for us because it shows us that our guests recognize the greek hospitality and high quality of wines and food that we offer and this creates responsibility to

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Estia awards Cinque wine bar Athens Prassas Nikitas

Excellent Total experience / wine bar Estia awards 2019

Excellent Total experience / wine bar Estia awards 2019 Estia Awards 2019 Total Experience Award in the category of wine bars. Our head sommelier Nikitas Prassas had the honor to receive for the third time the silver award for the Total experience that Cinque offers. We will continue the hard work! Previous Next Share on

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Wineladies tasting online

Assyrtiko from North to South! Ω ναι τα καταφέραμε!!! 19 κυρίες βρεθήκαμε διαδικτυακά για το πρώτο #wineladies online meeting που έφερε για δύο ώρες κοντά την Αθήνα, τη Θεσσαλονίκη και τις Βρυξέλλες!!! Επιλέξαμε το θέμα της συνάντησης (Ασύρτικο, από το βορρά μέχρι το νότο), τα κρασιά μας τα προμήθευσαν με πολλή χαρά τα αγαπημένα μας

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Virtual wine tasting experience for Hellenic Alumni Association of LSE

Virtual wine tasting experience for Hellenic Alumni Association of LSE! “Ο φοβερός Nikitas Prassas , ο σεμνός αλλά αεικίνητος οινολόγος & σομμελιέ που για μένα ενσαρκώνει το μέλλον του Ελληνικού κρασιού με τον καλύτερο τρόπο, έχει αποκτήσει μια ειδική εμφιαλωτική μηχανή για την εμφιάλωση δειγμάτων (εννοείται με ειδικό αέριο που προστατεύει από οξειδώσεις, αλλοιώσεις κλπ)

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Virtual γευσιγνωσία κρασιού: Η νέα πραγματικότητα που γίνεται hot trend!

Virtual γευσιγνωσία κρασιού: Η νέα πραγματικότητα που γίνεται hot trend! Στις επηρεασμένες από την πανδημία δραστηριότητες, βρίσκεται και η γευσιγνωσία κρασιού.  Οι εκδηλώσεις γευσιγνωσίας, καθώς και οι περιηγήσεις στα οινοποιεία της χώρας μας και του εξωτερικού, έχουν προς το παρόν ανασταλεί. Επομένως, έπρεπε να βρεθεί ένας τρόπος να διεξαχθούν, εξασφαλίζοντας την ασφάλεια και τη δημόσια

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Wine bar Athens - tailor made wine tasting - greek wines

Best Wine Bar Athens

#CinqueWineWalkers Περπατώντας στο ιστορικό κέντρο με έναν οινοποιό.. Μια ιδέα που ξεκίνησε από την τυχαία συνάντηση ενός οινοποιού, του κ. Γ. Σκούρα και ενός οινόφιλου, του κ. Σ. Γεωργιάδη, έφερε σαν αποτέλεσμα ακόμη 12 οινοφιλοι να έρθουν στο κατώφλι του Cinque. Μαζί με την ζεστή φιλοξενία μας είχαν την ευκαιρία να δοκιμάσουν, πρώτη φορά απο

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#Winelover-s virtual wine tasting experience

#winelover Assyrtiko tasting Virtual wine tasting of assyrtiko greek indigenous variety A virtual wine tasting of three different assyrtikos took place on March 10th, organized by Cinque wine bar Athens for the #winelover-s community. The tasting kits were been delivered in 8 different countries, safe and sound. The wines were from Atalanti valley , Central

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Cinque Wine Club, great wines from Greece delivered at home

Cinque Wine Club, great wines from Greece delivered at home Cinque Wine Bar in Athens is a small family run wine bar located in the historical center. The family’s passion for the wine starts back to 2004 after a trip to Friuli in North Italy where, for the first time, they fell in love with

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Wine list - Wine bar Athens - wine tasting- greek wine tasting Athens

Wine Cocktails

Sparkling Strawberry Bellini 2 fresh strawberries ¼ ounce lemon juice 1 teaspoon sugar 3 ounces “YLIANA” Blend strawberries with sugar and a touch of lemon juice Pour puree into a coupe or Champagne flute Top with “YLIANA” Garnish with additional strawberry Samos Spritzer Soda water 50ml SAMOS DOUX 100ml Serve Samos doux in a goblet

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Safe with us - Cinque wine bar - safety - covid free


“Safe with us” make your reservation That’s our moto now that the quarantine days are came to an end. Cinque Wine & Deli Bar will start to receive our winelover friends again! The preparations have been started, more changes needs to be done after two months of lock down. As always, cleaning and suppling our

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International Museum Day

Happy International Museum Day 2020 May 18th is dedicated to the Museums and people worldwide celebrate the International Museum Day for 2020. Greece , the birth place of civilisation, has many museums to visit across the mainland and the islands as well. The new Museum of Acropolis is the gem of the city of Athens!

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xinomavro Boutaris winery indigenous variety Cinque wine bar


Aglianico (pronounced [aʎˈʎaːniko], roughly “ahl-YAH-nee-koe”) is a black grape grown in the southern regions of Italy, mostly Basilicata and Campania. The vine originated in Greece and was brought to the south of Italy by Greek settlers. The name may be a corruption of vitis hellenica, Latin for “Greek vine.” Another etymology posits a corruption of

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domaine hatzimichalis greek wineries Cinque wine bar

Domaine Hatzimichalis

With respect for Nature and Man, we create wines that reflect the terroirs and the grape varieties which spawned them. The Domaine Hatzimichalis has chosen to serve a unique ecosystem. This lies in Opountia Locris, a site in the valley of Atalanti in Central Greece which is surrounded by Mt. Knimida to the north, Mt.

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Naoussa grande reserve Xinomavro Boutari Cinque wine bar Athens


Agiorgitiko (Greek: Αγιωργίτικο; also known as Aghiorghitiko, Mavro Nemeas and St. George) is a red Greek wine grape variety that, as of 2012, was the most widely planted red grape variety in Greece, ahead of Xynomavro. The grape has traditionally been grown in the Nemea region of the Peloponnese but can be found throughout the

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Explore the city of Athens

Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House,just 550m away from us Visit the Old Parliament House between 1875 and 1935,now it houses the country’s National Historical Museum The Old Parliament was founded in 1858 by Queen Amalia, upon a design by French architect François Boulanger, in order to house the Parliament and Senate. After King Otto’s eviction, the Senate

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Athens City Museum

Athens City Museum,just 400m away from us Do not miss the first royal palace of Greeceunder the reign of King Otto of Greece. The Athens City Museum (Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation) is dedicated to the development of the city of Athens in modern times. It is housed in two of the capital´s oldest buildings at 5 and

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